Can't boot from eMMC, only from usb

I managed to install linux on my lenovo 100e 3rd Gen, the problem is that it won’t boot without the media USB, meaning I can only use the live linux. Is there a way to bypass that? I can access a live version of Fedora, and it actually install as it should, but the UEFI does not recognize the eMMC drive. Is it possible to do anything at all? or do I always need to carry a usb stick with me?

You can install to internal storage, but you will still need to put /boot/efi and /boot on removable storage. The difference between that and running a live environment is you can unplug the USB after booting I think.

I have been having a similar problem, except when I attempt to install any distribution of linux, some progress is made and then the installer freezes. Not sure if this is a related issue or maybe my problem warrants a separate thread?

Start a new thread. You have a entirely different problem.