Cannot modify CCD or WP on Lenovo CX1500/Galith Jasperlake board

Title. I am trying to install windows 11 on my chromebook since my last laptop recently broke down, so I got a chromebook as an alternative (it was on clearance). I don’t prefer ChromeOS, so ive been researching and trying to change it to Windows 11 instead.

I have a SuzyQ and have been following the steps detailed in Mr. Chromeboxes’ wiki via Firmware Write Protect - MrChromebox Wiki, but still cannot open CCD or turn off WP. I also was looking at the Recovery Mode page and my recovery mode does not look like what’s posted on the website- it is a dark recovery mode instead. Pretty sure it is not important, but thought it would be worth adding as well.

As listed in the title, the chromebook in question is a Lenovo CX1500, an intel Jasperlake with a Galith board. I have tried to find write protect jumper on the mobo with no avail, so I opted to use a SuzyQ instead.

After asserting PP and the chromebook jumps out of dev mode, moving back into it the chromebook does a data wipe again. Not sure if its supposed to do that. Based on whats written in MrChromebox’s guide it should do it the first time, but based on research it does it every time.

Help and tips would be greatly appreciated! I am also interested in learning more about this as well because I find it super interesting.

after it reboots and reverts back to non dev mode - just do another ESC-Refresh-Power and go back into Dev Mode (allowing it to convert again)
after u get to DEV chromeOS connect to wifi and login then bring up terminal (Alt-F2) - login as chronos
and type: sudo gsctool - a -I and check if it is “open” (not Locked) status – then I use the SuzyQable on another computer running Fedora to disable WP (which should change the status to all 1s with all Y - for YES) when checking the gsctool -a -I)

  • also apply the disable WP at bootup and reboot device

after that u shouuld be able to run the mrchromebox script and flash device (WP should be disabled)