Cannot figure out how to boot from external SSD

I cannot enable USB booting, and no tutorial i find works. This drive has ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS and a few other small programs installed. Developer mode is enabled. I am fine with just installing a fresh version of linux onto the chromebook, but i would prefer to boot from the 128 gb ssd.

  1. Install firmware that can book normal Linux, RWL or full rom.
  2. Press escape in the boot screen. If you’re using RWL, do Ctrl+L and then press escape.
  3. Select the USB drive you want to boot into

Ubuntu 22.04 hasn’t been supported for a while here from what I’ve seen

“not supported” doesn’t mean that things won’t work, it means that most people will not help you / bother trying to fix things if they don’t work on Ubuntu. I would be surprised if you couldn’t boot Ubuntu. I wouldn’t be surprised if audio didn’t work on Ubuntu, or if there were general Ubuntu Snap issues.

Yes, not knowing how to boot Ubuntu is 100% a skill issue

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I meant I would be surprised if booting Ubuntu failed because I expect Ubuntu to be bootable on Chromebooks. I wasn’t talking about not knowing how to boot Ubuntu.

Try the latest available Ubuntu images and not LTS versions, those may work better.

In this case @homointhechair already has Ubuntu installed on the external SSD. Ig upgrading from LTS to latest from a different computer and then booting on the Chromebook might work (although I personally don’t think it will make Ubuntu bootable).