Can you avoid YouTube ads on a Chromebook?

Hi Gents,

This sort of follows on to my thread on a ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook, as I’m trying to determine if the Chromebook can become my “travel” PC.

I am a newbie with a Chromebook so I need a bit of help. My typical travel needs are really just reading emails, which I can do on line as these Apps are web based, surf the web, listen to tunes (I installed VLC), and watch YouTube Videos.

Of course I dislike Ads and want to avoid them like the plague. I know of work arounds in the Windows universe. But is that possible on ChromeOS?

Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

literally just get ublock origin

Thanks for the quick response @WeirdTreeThing . I’ll check it out.

Would I have to remove any active extensions I have on my Chrome profile like Adblock Plus or Poper Blocker?

AdBlock plus should already be enough to block YouTube ads

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If you ended up installing mrchromebox Coreboot, and installed Windows or Linux to replace ChromeOS, you could also setup something like pi-hole on it to block all ads regardless of what browser is in use

I may end up there down the road, but for now, I’m trying to see if this Chromebook will make a good “traveling PC” for me. I was blown away to hear that ChromeOS was second only to Windows, as the most popular Operating System sold these days.

My PC needs are really light when I travel these days, and this little, but well featured, box may be just what I need.

We’ll see in the coming weeks.

  1. Don’t judge the quality of an OS by its popularity
  2. Even if you do, ChromeOS and Windows have different strenghts / weaknesses. ChromeOS is really popular for schools to use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s really good for non-school use.

Does Pi-Hole block YouTube ads?

Also, I don’t think @Jim would want to setup Pi-Hole.

Yes. Install Freetube You can install it with the debian installer or flatpak.