Can i replace the storage in HP chromebook 13 G1?

Hello, I have recently purchased an HP Chromebook 13 G1 computer, to which I was able to successfully install Linux, following the steps in the documentation.

Taking this into account, note that in the case of this model, the storage is of the eMMC type, in this case 32 GB, researching I have found that there are versions of this chip with up to 256 GB, and I would like to know if I can replace the chip with at least one of 128 GB, having already removed the chromeOS system, since I also plan to try installing Windows 10.

If you have information about this process, I would be very grateful.


According to the docs, your board is CHELL.

You can find whether it’s emmc or nvme by reading through here:

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No, actually, if I have the knowledge that it is an eMMC, a 32 GB one specifically, my question is whether it is possible to replace it with another eMMC with a higher capacity, that is, increase the storage.

I want to see if with the new firmware it detects any eMMC with greater capacity.


The EMMC is most likely soldered to the board. You may be able to replace it by desoldering and soldering a new one, but that has high risk of bricking everything.

It is easier to install GNU/Linux on a high performance 256 GB microSD.