Can I Install Windows in RW_Legacy mode?

I previously installed tiny11. Replaced that with full Windows 11. Did not encounter any BSOD during installation.

Wifi, bluetooth and audio worked out of the box.
Windows update installed the Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver (This Chromebook has an i5 processor).Night Light works too.

What does not work: Battery management (it charges, though), brightness, keyboard and touchpad.

After installing touchpad driver from Chromebook CROTA (this is the closest device I could found), touchpad worked for ~5 seconds and stopped working.

Installed keyboard driver from Coolstar’s website, but keyboard still does not work.

However, after installing these drivers, Computer Management detects touchpad and keyboard. It is just that they do not work at all.

Update: The keyboard backlight became activated after installing driverinstallers/wilcoec/wilcoec.1.0-installer.exe at master · coolstar/driverinstallers · GitHub. But the keyboard itself is not working. Keyboard backlights are going off and on. Sometimes they can be controlled with left alt + brightness keys, but no other keyboard keys are working.

Things that still do not work: Touchpad, keyboard, brightness, battery detection, and sleep. Everything else works.

Any help is appreciated. It seems that this Chromebook is kind of special, given so many things work (probably because Dell sells the same device as a non-Chromebook, with Windows).

I will be happy to provide any logs, if anyone is interested.