Can i get anywhere with this lowest of the low chromebook?

Hello all.

I have this chromebook:


my school gave it to me 7 years ago and never asked for it back. so, i want to get some sort of linux running in it.

Is it possible, and if so, where do i start?

thank you!!!

Hi there, welcome to the Chrultrabook community!
I would say walking through the different pages of the Docs would be a good place to start, and reading up on anything you may need. If this device isn’t enterprise-enrolled, you should be free to start tinkering with it!
According to the docs, your machine uses the CR50 method for firmware write protection, so I’d recommend opening it up and disconnecting the main battery, then plugging it in and continuing with the process starting on the page below:

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Once you’ve gone ahead and completed the step on the following pages that tells you how to flash full-rom UEFI firmware, I recommend plugging the main battery back in and screwing everything back together.

careena is only 5 years old…

That’s sus


unplugged battery, typed in the chromebox utility code:

i’ve been met with this:

also, r.e when i got this, i was given it at some point in my school life circa 2017 onwards. i apologise for any inconsistency

never mind i put L0 instead of LO

ok next update:

it did all the chromebox stuff, told me to make a backup so i pressed Y and enter then it just took me back to chromeos. is this normal?


thank you internet people

I remember how great it felt when I finally got linux on my careena for the first time.

i’ve tried to install grub as a bootloader as i’ve ditched chromeos completely and i’m met with simply grub-install: invalid option — ‘t’

why’s this? thanks

i’m 900% sure i messed up somewhere. here’s my fdisk list.

gonna leave this for the night as it’s 3.35am. any replies appreciated

… How did you manage to do that???

Yeah, you’ve made your ESP 29.1GB and your root partition 1GB when it should be the other way around.

You can save some space by making your ESP even smaller.

I remember how great it felt when I got Linux on my robo360 the first time (crostini)

should i reformat them or start a fresh install

I’m talking about full linux, at a time when stoney had just got support for uefi and linux support was almost nonexistant.

So, i’ve sat on this for a couple hours at work thinking about it…

Should i just completely start again? this time with less sleep deprivation?

If so, how on earth do i restart the process?

Or, do i reformat and repartition the drives?

Yeah just redo the partitioning

Yeah, insert a new flash drive with a recommended distro on it, and just do a fresh install