Can full-rom can boot chrome os flex?

Can i use UEFI full-rom to dual boot chrome os flex and windows in chromebook?

You may have to go find out if your Chromebook board is compatible with ChromeOS Flex here: Prepare for installation - ChromeOS Flex Help
After installing the Full UEFI rom, you should be able to boot Linux or Windows fine, but we recommend running through the documentation and also finding out the name of your Chromebook board here before moving forward:

You can run it, but not all hardware will be supported. If your device isn’t EOL, you should just stay on stock.

You may have noticed that the certified models list doesn’t include a single Chromebook.

no way thats crazy

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Mind = blown :exploding_head:

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I just installed Chrome OS Flex. everything is working
I noticed just 1 thing its not showing exact storage left and available storage

Buys Chomebook
Flashes FW to remove chromeOS
Reinstalls chromeOS

I think it’s not showing the exact storage because chromeOS is weird with storage

The issue was fixed on its own after 2nd boot but it is showing less storage &
System Storage is still unknown
I installed it on 16GB SSD which came preinstalled in my Chromebook