C720P Windows 10 Elan touchpad issue

Dual booted Windows 10 and Ubuntu 24.04. Windows worked fine after coolstars drivers, touchpad, keyboard. Booted back to Ubuntu and did MrChromebox firmware utility update to latest 2024 firmware ( was on 2019 firmware). Rebooted touchpad doesnt work. Device manager shows power loss on chrome Elan touchpad driver.?


update to latest Crostouchpad drivers? nothing’s changed with Peppy in ages

I got the only one on coolstars site it was working before firmware update. It is intermittently working in windows 10. Mouse moves fine after system loads for a few minutes. Touch pad tapping is weird and can only click when pressing down, same with right click. Can’t double tap , only hard click on right side.

Started working as described above reboot same thing. Went to Ubuntu now it’s not working there lol. I read it could be afirmware/bios issue

if you’re not using the latest Crostouchpad drivers, then that’s almost certainly the issue. firmware and drivers need to be matched

I don’t have a clue, just updated firmware and it broke. Uninstalled all coolstar drivers and reinstalled same thing except mouse pad barely works. Highlights stuff and it’s sporadic when using the pad.

your DM shows 2 touchpads installed, which does your machine actually have? Disable the one it doesn’t