Bridging a Jumper

Hey everyone,

I am installing Linux on my 2023 Ideapad 3 Chromebook. The FW code is BLIPPER and this falls under Intel Jasperlake.
I am at the stage where I am disabling Hardware Write Protect. According to MrChromeBox’s site- there are two ways to do this for a BLIPPER; either by using a SuzyQ cable (which seems to be exceedingly rare) or a process called “bridging the jumpers”.
I have located the jumpers and understand that bridging them involves some sort of a wire, or tweezers, or in general running a current from one jumper port to the other. However, I have some questions before I do this…

  1. Does it matter what kind of a wire I use? Can i just run a string of copper in between them (or do I need to cut up an Android charger, run the blue string in one port and the red in the other, wrap their ends together, ect)…

  2. How long do I have to keep these jumpers bridged? Is this something I only have to do for a second, and it will automatically disable the Write Protection? Do I have to position the wires in such a way that they will remain permanently, or solder them, so they remain for the entirety of my laptop usage from here on out? Do I only have to keep them in for as long as I need to keep the computer on running and input a certain code (i.e. is this a replacement for the SuzyQ cable and I need to verify connection, disable CCD flags, ect)?

Any and all help is appreciated. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:


Kind of wire or whatever doent matter as long as its cunducting, and it needs to stay closed for the whole flashing process

Thank you!

I have stripped a little piece of copper wire from an Android charger and put it inside the jumpers. However, it does not seem to disable OS verification.

Not only do I not receive a prompt about the OS when I reset my laptop, when I try to Flash the Firmware I am shown FW WP is enabled.
Do you think I am misidentifying the jumpers, or I need a different wire, or is there another issue?


I have been working on this for the last week straight; I’ve read 1000 Reddit posts, 100 GitHub articles, watched hours worth of YouTube videos…

I’ve signed in 1000x flicking developer mode on and off: I’ve powerwashed my Chromebook twice, I’ve stripped the screws trying to take apart my laptop, Ubuntu wouldn’t install properly on the USB I bought for this specific situation…

This is the last thing I need to do before it all comes together, and I can’t find any information at all anywhere :sob::broken_heart: I’m losing my mind

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 3. Here is a picture of my main board

I’ve jammed tinfoil and wires into every two holes I can find on this thing and nothing is happening.

I know this is a kind of a strange thing to post. At the same time I’m so emotionally invested in this process it’s unhealthy. If anyone can just explain to me like a baby what I’m supposed to do from here on out I would be eternally grateful.

I’m either going to get Ubuntu installed on this thing or I’m bricking my laptop but one way or another I’m going to free myself from Chrome’s evil clutches

I have a pair of blippers/beetley – both did CR50 method with SuzyQ so i dont know where the jumpers are tbh

the 1st picture where u jumped it doesnt look like the right ones - my guess would be those 4 circles (in squares) - below the “made in china” label

Unfortunately those 4 “jumpers” are blocked off by some plastic underneath them. If anyone knows for sure those are the jumpers, do I have to pull my board apart and remove the film? Which two holes do I plug the cords into?

It might help to disconnect the board (from all the ribbons and everything) to get a high res front/back pic

Jumpers on JasperLake are almost always near the SPI chip, which isn’t visible in this picture.