Booting from ‘eMMC Device’ failed; verify it contains a 64-bit UEFI OS

I’m trying to install Linux on my dell Chromebook 11, and I’m trying to boot. Whenever I try it gives me this exact error. I’ve tried messing around a bit, and nothing helps. I am so scared i bricked it, I don’t have a backup plan or anything. I don’t know Jack shit about computers so it’s likely I fucked shit up. (Please be nice Ik I’m dumb)

We’re going to need some detail. Please explain the steps you took to arrive at this point. Have you installed an OS yet?

Oh god. Was that a separate step? All I did was Tun on developer mode and then run the firmware utility script from MrChromebox. The tutorials I was following didn’t say anything about downloading an OS, and that just running that file would be enough. I feel so dumb… is there any way to salvage this?
(Edit, I’m laughing so hard rn at my dumbass mistake. Hopefully I can get mint on an sd card and maybe that would work.)

Just write some Linux distro install ISO to a USB and boot it.

For example, Fedora provides a media creation tool exactly like Windows to make things simple.

I suggest you check out the docs as well, it has the deets on what you’re supposed to do after flashing MrChromebox’s firmware.

The aforementioned Fedora detail, for context: Preparing Boot Media :: Fedora Docs