Booting from a Linux USB on an HP Chromebook 11 G5

Hello Ultrabook community,

I recently got an HP Chromebook 11 G5 handed down by my cousin. I would like to be able to use ChromeOS for android games and Linux for work/desktop gaming via USB.

I have some prior knowledge on how to boot Linux on a USB as I have converted a MacBook to Xubuntu at one point, though that was awhile ago. I plan to use the program Rufus to make the bootable USB, however, I need some advice on how to make the chromebook able to boot from USB, as I’ve seen many tutorials but all are different and I’m not sure what to use.

You will need to flash a custom bios, instructions at:

To run Linux alongside Chrome OS you will have to install RW_LEGACY firmware.
Getting Linux installed to an external flash drive can be a little tricky, an external ssd will be more ideal. I recommend having two flash drives, one with the linux installer iso imaged to it and another that you will install linux to (since the installer cannot install to the flash drive it lives on).

Alternatively you could consider crostini (A builtin Linux VM in Chrome OS which allows you to run Linux apps without any modification) or chromebrew (which allows you to run Linux apps on chrome os without virtualization. However my personal preference would be to wipe Chrome OS and replace it will Linux (using a Full ROM firmware) and run android games using waydroid under Linux.

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