Best Chromebook for Linux

Hey o! So, I stumbled upon this community via a Veronica Explains video, and I really want to give this a shot! But I do need some recommendations for a good unit, that’s decently powerful, for around $200-300 or so. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Obviously depends on what you can find where you’re located, but Intel Gemini Lake/Jasper Lake/Comet Lake and AMD Picasso/Dali Chromebooks are generally well-supported on Linux.

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Jinlon (HP Elite c1030 Chromebook)

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I’m very happy with my HP Pro c640 Chromebook running Debian 12 which you should be able to pick up for under $200. Built in speakers don’t work but I use headphones or speakers. Lightweight, good battery life & It even has a touchscreen which works nicely with Gnome.

Built-in speakers have worked for a while now…

Added firmware update to my TODO list :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face: