Battery Error on Dell Latitude 7410 Chrome

Excuse me, I have a Dell Latitude 7410 Chrome, I installed Windows on it. I have a big problem: when the device has 32% left, it will automatically power down (enter Hibernate mode), and when the device’s battery percentage is below 40%, the device always shows a false battery warning (always shows the message your battery is very low ). Has anyone ever encountered and fixed this problem? Please help me. Thank you

i have the same problem.
In august 2023, I have installed version 4.20 on at least 20 machines and all 7410 work perfectly. But unfortunately in this new update, the battery problem is really serious.

I have also this issue with the last firmware. I asked on discord but no reply yet.
Did you solve it?

Sorry to bother, but did you find a fix for this?

While you’re waiting for the latest firmware to be fixed you can build version 4.20 on your own and flash it. This does have a risk of bricking if you mess up building the firmware on your own.

I build 4.20 and tried also with 4.19, same issue