Battery constantly dies

Using an Acer Chromebook 516 GE. Using the latest coolstar drivers, windows updates, and mrchromebox bios. The battery dies even while the laptop is shutdown and its a 4 month old laptop. I have no idea what to do.

Well, a battery dying is part of having a laptop… or any device with a battery…

Could you expand? How long does battery last? What version of windows? Where did you get windows from? Did you run windows update and install optional updates? What boardname is this?

The battery dies even while the laptop is shutdown

Does it drain faster than you would expect from other laptops? All laptop batteries eventually go from 100% to 0% even if you shut it down.

It would be useful if you did some measurements to measure power usage in watts. That way you can figure out if the power usage is expected or if something Chromebook-specific is wrong.

I use the laptop on the weekends. When Im done using it the laptop has full charge then I shut it off. The battery is dead by the weekend. The best thing I can show is how fast and steady the battery drains in windows. I get off work by 7am and the laptop is shut off. Notice the battery drain. This is a new laptop bought off amazon 4 months ago. Installed from Microsoft iso. All general and optional updates downloaded and installed along with all the Coolstar drivers (Audio & Usb). The battery in Dev manager seems strange.

Seems it got fixed when I uninstalled the Microsoft surface battery method from dev manager. Haven’t had a problem since.