Barla (stoneyridge) cpu locked at 0.78GHz

I have a barla chromebook (stoneyridge) running Windows where the cpu clock is locked at 0.78GHz. Ive heard of several people having this issue, with Windows and Linux and sometimes the solution has been to re-paste the CPU. I attempted to re-paste the cpu but the issue still occurs.

I have retrieved logs from coreboot that are located at

If anyone has advice I would appreciate it

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Buy a careena

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Womp womp

Buy a different Chromebook

I have 4 other chromebooks

Then sell one and buy a careena

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I have this same issue. Previously was on Xubuntu using the stoney-patched 6.5 kernel from Ethan, that made no difference. Now I am using Fedora on the machine. (I have an intel braswell model that works great on Fedora.) I am wondering if there is any hope for the Barla model.