BARLA (HP 11A G8 EE) running sluggishly with any distro I install

My chromebook which as I said above is a HP 11A G8 EE is running incredibly slow with almost any distro I use, the specifications of the laptop should be more than enough to run most linux distros??? im basically lost rn

Specs: AMD A6-9200C, 8GB RAM

I think it’s just the unfortunate reality of your Chromebook.

The distro doesn’t matter, what you can try is using a lightweight window manager like Openbox or Jwm, or if you’re feeling adventurous go use a tiling WM like Sway.

no, it’s not

Its know bug “Uncontrolled underclocking”
CPU likes to underclock itself at the beginning of chromebook startup. The exact underclock frequency is 798 Mhz and it’s mostly static.

I have this problem too:

stefan@debian:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hz
cpu MHz : 798.523
cpu MHz : 798.498

to temporary fix it, you must shutdown and wait 10-15sec.
After that:

stefan@debian:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hz
cpu MHz : 2183.506
cpu MHz : 2178.905

As someone who has now Chrultrabook’d a BARLA as well, I can agree it’s just this chromebook

@ChocolateLoverRaj is there a different kernel I should be running on Arch for the stoneyridge BARLA?

Idk, I think I heard that stoneyridge Chromebooks need a different kernel, but I don’t have a stoneyridge Chromebook so I have no experience with it.