Automoderate links to sketchy windows ISOs

I think it could be worth putting in a system to just automatically blacklist/block links that go to sketchy windows custom ISOs like tiny11, “X Lite” and the likes.

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We’re working on this.

Cough cough

Maybe 16GB Chromebooks just shouldn’t be recommended for Windows or Linux in general.

Funny you mention that, they aren’t. How are we supposed to stop kids with their cheap school Chromebooks wanting to install Windows though?

Google making 16GB Chromebooks in the first place was insane. Incidentally, I recently saw someone complain their school Chromebook had less than 500MB of free space out of the box because ChromeOS took up >13GB and Android apps took up 1.2GB.

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Maybe someone should make DIY eMMC upgrade tutorials (if it’s even possible)

It is very much possible.

Seems fun. How does the price of eMMC upgrades compare to M.2 2230 and M.2 2280 NVMe upgrades?

You need to get the emmc chip which shouldn’t cost too much, but then you need solder, solder balls, flux, a soldering iron, and a hot air rework station.

something I could see dosdude1 on youtube possibly doing