Audio issues running Manjaro with Pulseaudio on OMNIGUL

I’m running Manjaro with kernel 6.8. The audio controller was detected after I ran @WeirdTreeThing 's script, but it has some issues. First, the internal speakers sound garbled and choppy.

Secondly, there’s an inconsistency between the displayed volume level and the actual volume level coming out of the USB-connected headphones.

alsamixer -c0, the volume controls are seemingly messed up. It’s unclear to me whether it’s something that can be fixed from Pulseaudio, or if it’s a bug in the audio controller.

Peek 2024-04-21 21-44

Both issues aren’t specific to Pulseaudio; I’ve also noticed them in Pipewire. The volume control of the internal speakers seems to work as expected, although I couldn’t locate its matching control in Pulseaudio like I did for the connected headphones.

Any help would be appreciated.