Audio Drivers for an HP 14a (Chromebook)

Hello everyone! Recently i downloaded Windows 11 on my chromebook through MrChromebox’s Firmware. I succeded in downloading touchpad, graphics card and chipset drivers, but for the audio, … still nothing, or rather… i found some audio drivers from coolstar, but they cost 15$, and because i only use this device for random “experiments” i do not really want to spend that for this pc. And i arleady tried with the open source ones, still from coolstar, but nothing seemed to be changed. Could someone please help me?? (free options only)

Your free options are using Bluetooth audio, getting someone else to pay the cost of the audio driver for you, or selling your Chromebook and using the money to buy a laptop that is preinstalled with Windows.

If that actually worked, it’d be pretty dumb for CoolStar to charge for audio drivers then wouldn’t it?

Another option: use Linux

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