Audio driver not working after restart/reboot

I have a lenovo 300e chromebook and i recently switch from linux to windows 11 and i installed all the drivers and i installed the audio drivers and it works fine but every time i reboot it doesnt work (its only on reboot and not when the computer goes to sleep) i have to run the csaudiointcsof installer to make it work again. I already have the license and i dont need to reinstall that it’s only the installer. Can someone help me fix this issue? Or atleast tell me the commands so i can put it in a .bat file and run it on startup.

Maybe try windows 10? Update the UEFI i need a picture to see if its the latest version of mrchromebox uefi firmware or try reinstall chrome os then install windows again? I need CPU codename and boardname to determine if its lcompatibility issues

I looked your chromebook up windows 10 and 11 are not fully support its still experimental so you should keep a suzy q cable or a EEPROM around so if you need to reflash because in a case of something going wrong.

Okay so i forgot to tell you i have windows on a sd card because on the regular NVMe i only get 32 gb of storage but windows on the sd card i get 128 gb and it’s equally as fast as the NVMe on my Chromebook. if you know can you tell me the code that runs when running the csaudiointcsof installer so i can just put it in a .bat file. Thanks

i have Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen/Ideapad Flex 3 (Phaser360) and its fully supported on the windows install helper

Maybe look on and look for the drivers

Thanks for the help i found out that you can just copy the logs when the csaudiointcsof is done and i just throwed it into ChatGPT and removing some things like extracting stuff and outputs and ChatGPT made a .bat file that runs on startup. It works very well, here is the script for anyone that wants to use but the small problem that audio switch doesn’t work properly so you have to switch it manually for headphones/speakers.

@echo off
REM Execute dpinst.exe to install drivers
start /min “” “C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof\drivers\dpinst.exe” /sw /f /path “C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof\drivers\sklhdaudbus”
start /min “” “C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof\drivers\dpinst.exe” /sw /f /path “C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof\drivers\csaudiointcsof”
REM Define output folder
set “output_folder=C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof”
REM Stop csaudioswitcher service
net.exe STOP “csaudioswitcher”
REM Delete csaudioswitcher service
sc delete csaudioswitcher
REM Create and configure csaudioswitcher service
sc create csaudioswitcher error=“severe” displayname=“csaudioswitcher” type=“own” start=“delayed-auto” binpath=“C:\Program Files\csaudiointcsof\utils\csaudioendpointswitcher.exe”
REM Start csaudioswitcher service
net.exe START “csaudioswitcher”