Asus CX5601 no touch pad, no touch screen, no sound


I installed windows 11 on this new chrome book. bios Coreboot is installed with version 4.22. I bought the Audio and USB4 drivers from @coolstar and I followed carefully the installation guide.

I no longer have any missing drivers. All drivers installed without any error message.

Regarding the audio driver, I only have the headphone option in the mixer, no internal speaker. But no sound at all even with an headphone.

Any advice on how to solve the 3 problems?

Thank you, Jimmy

smells like missing vcredist or dptf

vcredist and dptf correctly installed

Hey, I don’t have a solution to your Problem but I have to ask: did you get any issues while installing another OS on the CX5?
I can’t even get into recovery mode on my CX5500 and I wonder if that’s a common theme with this model.

No problem to install another OS. I installed ubuntu and then wubuntu.

The recovery mode was pretty straight forward for me. I followed the instruction from there as far as I remember

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@MrChromebox - could this be similar to the Osiris ACPI issue?
I’m a bit outdated on my firmware - but i have no issues with FELWINTER on 4.20.0 05/15/2023

@JoeM143 do you mean that you successfully installed a windows 11 OS without any missing hardwares (touchpad, sound etc…)? I planned to give another try and my idea to first downgrade the firmware to a previous version. I may try with the same version you are using 4.20. Thank you.

Hardware was all there - (I still had to find/install some drivers - but they showed up as (!) in device manager)
No Issues with Coolstar’s Touchscreen/TouchPad/Sound drivers on that particular version of coreboot

This is definitely related to the osiris issue. Mrchromebox should be getting out updates soon that fix this issue.

Version 4.22 broke it if that helps

I just saw that a new firmware version was released yesterday 4.22.1 (01/16/2024). According the changelog there is a fix related to the ACPI issue.

I updated my firmware and make a fresh Windows 11 installation. Almost everything is working fine now ! I’ve got the touhscreen, the touchpad and the sound working correctly. This is really great !

The only thing missing is the numpad. I will try to find a solution for this. I had the same problem also on Linux.

In the meantime, thanks for your help !

For the record, I successfully enabled the numpad on this Chromebook after reading the post here Numberpad Lenovo Ideapad 5 (non Game i or Flex)

I just use the value 2 instead of the one given in the comments. The numpad stays working after a reboot.