Asus CX5500 no touch pad, no sound, no touch screen


I recently installed windows 11 on my friend’s Asus Chromebook CX5500FE, as well as the drivers provided on coolstar’s website without error messages, but the touch pad and the sound are not working.
As far as I know I didn’t install drivers for the touchscreen but I’d like to make it work as well if possible.

I saw that someone already made a post for the same problem on their CX5601, and one answer was about vcredist and dptf but I don’t know what it means.

The solution for them was to update their firmware with the new 4.22.1 (01/16/24) but I did the windows install around the 01/22/24, shouldn’t I already have the 4.22.1 firmware ?
How can I know which one I have and how to update it ?

Thanks a lot for your help, joe