Asus CX3402 Support/CX34 Compatibility

Hi everyone! I just recently got a CX3402 and while I know this Chromebook Plus is still extremely new, the CX34 Flip has been around for a bit now. I’m comfortable with the documented processes but before I did anything wanted to see if anyone had any success running through the steps to dual boot windows/install windows on this little i3-1215u beast, and if not what issues to expect.

Did some searching here and didn’t read anything about this model in particular, but the compatibility chart shows the CX34 as green across the board.

Any help is welcome! Thanks!

Someone did the exact same thing you’re trying to do, flashing a mithrax ROM on a marasov, and it bricked their Chromebook.

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Thanks for that! I read some other posts talking about chromebook plus differences and it seems like although the hardware might be sort of similar, it’s just not similar enough to make the firmware compatible.

I’ll be patient and enjoy the hardware as-is for now then. :slight_smile: