Asus CM34 (Frostflow) not sleeping in Win11

Got an Asus CM34 (Frostflow) and it’s very close to being an excellent Windows 11 laptop. I flashed latest UEFI firmware, installed Windows 11, and then installed the drivers as recommended on this site. Once I got the audio drivers from Coolstar purchased and installed I had no unrecognized devices in Device Manager, and only 2 devices showing errors - the MT7921 Bluetooth device and the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub (both failing to start). My primary remaining issue is the laptop definitely isn’t going into sleep mode. When I select sleep the display and KB backlight go out, but the LED remains solid white and the battery will drain ~5% in 2 - 3 hours, which means it’s definitely not sleeping. I don’t know if the sleep issue is related to the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub issue, or something else entirely. I’m pretty sure the issue isn’t related to the BT issue because I physically removed the Wifi/BT module but the laptop still won’t go to sleep. Has anyone managed to get sleep working on the CM34 / Frostflow?

Few other install notes for anyone else looking at a CM34:

  1. I was not able to remove Write Protect simply by connecting the jumpers. I looked all over the board and there is only 1 pair of holes that look like the jumper pics from other chromebooks shown on this site. I connected a jumper across the only pair of holes I see and it did not remove WP. I ended-up building a SuzyQ cable, which easily removed WP.
  2. Other than the BT issue and the suspend issue everything is working as expected. Full audio support, keyboard, touchpad, graphics, and wifi. If I can get the suspend issue resolved I might just swap in an Intel Wifi/BT card that is more widely supported.
  3. I did have to force install the AMD GPU driver using the AMD Ryzen 610M as mentioned on the other thread.