Assistance Needed with School-Managed Chromebook Purchase

I recently purchased a Chromebook from someone on Marketplace, believing that they simply forgot their account details. However, upon returning home, I discovered that the device is “enrolled” and managed by a school in the Netherlands. Despite reaching out to them, I have yet to receive a response.

As I happened to be something of a hacker/tinkerer myself , I decided to investigate potential solutions. After spending much time researching the TPM chip on Chromebooks, I learned that corrupting the file system could reset the TPM settings but this one in particular doesn’t have an ssd but emmc instead.
Additionally, I found information about flashing the BIOS using a CH341A programmer with MrChromebox’s firmware. Unfortunately, I’m unsure of the chip’s location and don’t currently have access to the programmer.

I’m reaching out to seek your guidance and assistance in helping me fix this issue, Ive spent around 75 dollars on it already :sweat_smile:
it’s a Chromebook 300e (PHASER360)
(Ive attached a picture of the motherboard)

Is returning it an option?

Unfortunately, I’m stuck with it for now. I’ve been exploring other options, such as attempting to modify the file system from the recovery image, but I’m still getting the hang of it.

I had a chromebook that came like this once, same exact error upon entering developer mode. Nearly returned it but I managed to fix it by setting up chrome os with a personal gmail account. I think the reason this works is because even if the device is unenrolled by the original owner, it still stays locked on the firmware level until the device gets setup again.

However this only works if the school has unenrolled the device. If the seller is legitimate they should have. If not there is a very good chance the device is stolen and you should contact the online marketplace you used. If you do end up stuck with it your best option is probably manually flashing the bios with a uefi firmware.

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Yes manual flash is the best option

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