Arch on Arm chromebook

Before you say it is not possible, i followed tutorial. When i pressed ctrl + U, there is only a black screen

While I don’t believe ARM chromebooks are supported by the docs here, did you run through the install guide on that site too? Going into recovery, enabling developer mode etc?

Yes, i have done all the instructions shown

I personally recommend postmarketOS for arm chromebooks. I tried ArchlinuxARM on my asus c201 a while ago and had way too many issues with it.

I don’t believe anyone has said that.

This is another thing u can try: GitHub - hexdump0815/linux-mainline-on-arm-chromebooks: running linux mainline on arm chromebooks - for example: samsung xe303c12 and xe503c12 (snow and peach), acer c100, c101 and c201 (veyron speedy, minnie etc. and gru bob and kevin), medion s2013 and s2015 (veyron jaq, mighty etc.), acer cb5 311 (nyan big), lenovo n23, acer r13 (oak elm and hana), lenovo duet (kukui krane) and most probably many many more over time ...

@enderrob did this end up helping?

Yes it worked. Thanks

How is power usage? Is it similar to chrome OS?