Any way to install GalliumOS with chrx using an offline core image?

Hi, first time trying to install a different OS on my samsung chromebook plus v2 here. I wanted to use chrx to create a GalliumOS-ChromeOS dual boot. But it’s taking too long to download the universal core image (according to the message chrx gave me).

So I downloaded the core image on my pc, transferred it to the chromebook using a USB drive. I tried to put the image into the /tmp/chrxroot path hoping the script can use it and no more download would be needed. But when I run chrx again, it wiped the /tmp/chrxroot and started to download anyway.

Someone can tell my how to make chrx to use the core image pre-downloaded?

Is there any particular reason why you need to use GalliumOS and chrx, both of which are no longer developed and maintained?

Dual-booting with ChromeOS is quite difficult due to all the partitions it has on your drive by default.

@s31bz I did write the dual booting guide btw, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look and see if it’s easy to understand. Thanks!

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Really no any specific reason here. I’m just looking for a tutorial to dual boot and I find chrx. And it suggests using GalliumOS. Is there a better option to do this?

Sorry about that.


GalluimOS is no longer maintained irrc