Am i bricked? chromeos revert help

soo about a year ago i turned my lenovo ideapad 3 into a really nice hacking Chromebook, only problem was there was no sound but it wasn’t a problem because I had another Chromebook which I used for day-day tasks. but that main Chromebook got broke and now I need to revert my hacking Chromebook back to normal but I tried it with the recovery media and it failed and now I cant get back to linux or anything

I can get to the recovery screen but the recovery media will fail, on the os verification screen I can’t do anything (tab shows data but that’s it) ctrl-U just flashes the screen black and ctrl-L opens up a small menu with option but I cant select either of them and ctrl-D brings me to the chromeos is missing screen, am I bricked??? lmk if you need more info!

If your Chromebook boots, it’s not bricked.

You have to disable WP before recovering ChromeOS as recovery attempts to flash RO regions of the firmware.

thanks! i was just thinking of doing this next, I will try it an update you. since mine is a toshiba I need to unplug the batter and plug it into the charger right?