Alternative to SuzyQable

Are there any modern alternatives to the SuzyQable? I know there is one person on eBay who is selling adapters which would be the best option if it wasn’t for the fact that I would have to pay triple the asking price for shipping and possibly even more for import taxes. If push comes to shove I might be able to solder my own but that would be a last resort.

You can make one yourself with 2 resistors, a usb-c breakout board and a cable ending on usb-a
ChromeOS debug cable - Imgur

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(Btw I’m the person selling adapters on eBay (chromebook_kid))

Which country do you live in? Usually international shipping costs ~$19, which is pretty expensive, but not triple the cost of the item itself. If you want you can buy the debug board from me outside of eBay and I can send it in an envelope, which would cost ~$2 international shipping.

Another possible alternative is to use the battery method. Which Chromebook do you want to disable WP?

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I live in the Netherlands and when looking at the page it claims that shipping would be $35.06. Add to that the price of the adapter and donation (which I am actually 100% fine with) and it’s definitely a yikes moment. As for the device, it’s a Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Flex 5. So from what I’m reading, it’s basically required to have a SuzyQ.

Shipping costs have seemingly gone down by quite a bit in the last day and I am not entirely sure why, but I have decided to order one! Hope to see it soon!

Turns out that I didn’t need the adapter anyway since this one could be disabled by just removing the battery. But thank you for your help!

I am need such board for bypassing WP security my elder bro live in Canada. So please reply me how my bro well be contacting you?

I bought one off eBay recently GSC Debug Board (aka “Chromebook Debug Cable” / “SuzyQ”, for Cr50 / Ti50) and the seller will ship to Canada for $17.20 USD => eBay International Shipping. (I’m in Canada but live so close to the border I had it shipped to a mail drop just across the line as it was cheaper.)

It’s only $6.00 USD for the Debug Board. But if you need the cables and adapters, he sells them too - add $0.75 or $0.15 USD respectively.

I’m trying to disable the Enterprise enrollment on a Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook. When I plug the board /cable in correctly it it recognized by the ChomeOS as an information box pops up.

(I’m just a little lost on how to proceed from there.)

I hope this was helpful.

I am sent message to you at eBay please reply me your email or contact number which i will be referred to my bro