Alternative audio solutions

For fixing audio problems, it might be pointed out that audio via bluetooth or usb-c might be functional OOTB.

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Bluetooth audio: In my experience Linux distros always support Chromebook Bluetooth and Windows either has it pre-installed or automatically installed.
USB-C: I’ve never ever used USB audio devices so I’m not sure.

Also these aren’t solutions, they are alternatives.

Indeed, it is not a solution but a workaround or alternative. Personally, I was leery to run the audio script which I did not understand, so I preferred the alternatives, which left the installed Linux distro intact.

usb-c audio always works

That’s the beauty of open source. You can just go and read the code yourself.

And honestly, you do a whole lot of trusting just by installing a Linux distro anyway, what’s wrong with extending a little more trust to WeirdTreeThing?

No actually don’t read the script because you would find the crypto miner that I put in it.

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I was certainly not thinking of malice, but I wondered how the script would interact with future updates and other changes in my distribution setup.