Acer Spin 713 (VOXEL) issues

Hi! I have recently purchased an Acer Spin 713 (VOXEL) to replace my old failing laptop, and am having issues with the type-c ports, audio, and system hangs.

I am running arch linux (kernel version 6.7.0-arch3-1) with the Full Rom and have followed the post install guide: Keyd setup, the audio script, and the usb4 systemd service have been setup and completed successfully. (with the exception of the systemd service which errors out)

Unfortunately I have been having system instability in which the cursor plane is updated while the rest of the system hangs, ssh still connects. And have been experiencing lag in charger detection and failure at DP alt mode, I do not have a USB4/Thunderbolt device to test that. Audio does not work on kernel 6.7 but has been tested to work (with the exception of the mic) on kernel 6.6. Shutdown/Reboot hang at sd-sync

It has been a long time since I have messed with chromebooks (last was on a C720p (PEPPY)) so I feel quite lost.

Edit: forgot to mention there is little lag in ectool when unplugging the charger