Acer Spin 713 Help request

I want to put Linux in place of Chrome OS on my computer. My husband recommends Mint but I don’t know if I should just put Debian on it. I have not yet looked into this heavily and if I need to do other things (like take apart my computer to remove the battery or the Write Protect screw), I am unsure. If someone could direct me or give me advice as to the best version. I want to run Steam for Linux and turn this into mostly a gaming computer. I can not afford a full fledged gaming computer just yet and Steam will not let me run the Linux version on my Chromebook since the end of February.

Yes, this might seem like a silly reason but until I can afford another computer this is the best option for me to play the games I want with the mods I want. (I know how to install the games and such I want on Linux already.)

The short version is the recommended distros are Debian, Fedora, Arch and openSUSE. The pros and cons of each are detailed in the docs. I guess you could always split the difference with your husband and install LMDE.

Please read the other pages of the docs too, they contain a lot of information that will help you.

Thank you very much. I want Debian as that is what I have been using (though not a full version) on the Linux distribution on Chrome OS. These docs are going to help me a ton.