Acer Chromebook Spin 714 Windows 11 Drivers


I have an Acer Chromebook Spin 714 “KANO” model N22Q10 with an i5-1335U cpu. (13th gen core i5, Raptor Lake U)

I’ve got the latest version of Windows 11 installed with many drivers working.

What is NOT working:

  • Touchpad

  • Touchscreen

  • Audio

There is no exact match on Windows Install Helper but if I pick “Intel Core i3-1115g4 / i5/1135g7” I then see “Acer Spin 713” (not “714”).

I’ve tried all variations of driver downloads available and even dug around on the github site to see if I missed any.

A few unknown devices in Device Manager:
And another that says “PCI data acquisition and single processing”

The paid Audio drivers didnt list “Raptor lake”?

What else do you need to help troubleshoot further?

Would I have better luck if I installed Linux?