Acer Chromebook 314 "Craasneto" Unable to Disable Write Protection

I’ve removed the battery, which was supposed to get rid of the write protection, however it was still on after I removed it, and my chrome book (released May 21st 2021) does not have a write protect screw for me to unscrew. I have tried many commands on Crosh (using the VT-2 shell to run Sudo commands) to see if I can disable it after disconnecting the battery from my “Acer Chromebook 314 Craasneto” and I just could not do it, the commands kept failing. I am not experienced in doing these things, however I just want to download Windows 11 on my Chromebook. Anyone know how to disable Write protection for my chromebook?

According to the supported devices list - CR50 is your only option for that particular board. so no battery or jumper method unfortunately…

You basically have to follow the sudo gsctool -a -o process
where you press Power button in a sequence (when prompted) of about 5-7 times
But you do need a SuzyQ to disable write protect permanently and at bootup so Mrchromebox’s script will work.