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hi, i have Dell Latitiude 5430 chrome book , after updateing the firmware , there is no display
laptop is turining on , but i am not able to see any display on it ,
can i get any help to resolve the issue
i have tried in 3 chrome books , all having same issue
i need to insatll windows in it
pls try to give any solution for it

aftet updating the uefi rom , for dell latitude 5430 chrome book ,
there is no display
laptop is turning on but no display
only the CPU is getting heated up , rest noting is happening

Hey, I am new here and in a pickle. Not sure if I have to tag someone or how to get my post visable to staff. Thanks again. :heart:!

Link: Slipstreaming EMMC Driver into Windows 10 USB Install. On a HP 14 G5 Chromebook with Coolstar OS Installed

I recommend the forum moderators pin a post in the Linux support category regarding audio. Point it to weirdtreething’s github, mention a specific kernel is needed for certain distros, etc.