16gb Chromebook Help Please

I have a Chromebook with a 16gb storage that can’t be upgraded.
I want to install windows from a flashdrive but I won’t have enough storage space, if I make a SD Card into my extended storage through the chromebook settings, will the windows installation flashdrive detect the SD Card and allow me to install windows to it?

Windows will not allow you to install to an external drive.

Using another Windows device, you can use Rufus and write windows to go to the SD card. But I do want to note, your experience may not go greatly, and the SD card has a decent likelihood of failing prematurely.

Don’t suggest modified Windows from third parties. You never know what nasty stuff is in there.

I’ve seen some people use m key (iirc) to m.2 adapters to get around the emmc size limitation, functionality trading wifi card/capabilities for attached storage in the form of an ssd, but i think that only works with bios that has options to boot from lan. Not sure if this helps but maybe something to look into. Though it seems like more trouble than its worth, if you even have the real estate to make it fit. Obviously wifi would have to be via usb adapter, but it might be a possible route

I would recommend using Windows LTSC and compressing it using lzx by typing: compact /c /s /a /i /exe:lzx “C:\Windows\*”
Into an admin command prompt which reduces soze of the windows install