What are the limitations of RW_LEGACY firmware

The documentation says there is limitations for rw_legacy and brick chance for UEFI I want to know the limitations of rw_legacy to choose which type of firmware i will go with

Depending on the Chromebook the firmware installed to RW_LEGACY will have either edk2 (UEFI) or SeaBIOS (not UEFI). I’m pretty sure that edk2 will have the same hardware support as full rom. SeaBIOS usually has stuff that doesn’t work like touchscreen or audio.

thanks, i will do uefi hopefuilly i dont brick it

Not at all, the payload just changes how you boot the os. Coreboot is what initializes the hardware, and stock coreboot usually doesn’t do a very good job of it and chromeos has hacks to make it work anyway.

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But RW_LEGACY (on Redrix at least) is mrchromebox’s coreboot with edk2, not stock coreboot

No, it’s literally just the edk2 payload. Coreboot is still from google unless you flash the entire rom to replace coreboot.

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Interesting. On Redrix RW_LEGACY has the same hardware support as full rom but it might even have better suspend than full rom.

Not the same for every device. No matter what it isn’t the same coreboot.

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