[Treeya Suzy-Q] Unable to back up firmware using Suzy-Q

I have a Treeya chromebook that I want to flash UEFI on (because why not) with a broken keyboard, meaning I can’t enter developer mode.

I did get CCD to work on it by unplugging the battery but trying to back up the current leads to a bad rom dump with null characters.

Just wondering If I could do anything at the moment.

Did you ccd open?

Yeah I opened the ccd before running it

My dumb brain thought it was a good idea to leave it the debug board connected on my bed and it bent in a funny way and broke it

L + skill issue



prob just going to buy another

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How many have shipping companies broken?

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2 (both to UK)

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International shipping moment. Lol

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More like UK moment.

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