SuzyQable works

I finally felt confident enough to convert my HP chromebook x360 14a Celeron N4500 LANTIS to Linux. My homemade SuzyQable was able to see the UBB ports and I followed the directions in Chrultrabook Docs for disabling the WP and after doing the CCD reset factory and checking results all looks good (maybe ?). I rebooted and powered down and will do Mrchromebooks Firmware script tomorrow.
I do not have an USB Ethernet adapter and will need to use WIFI to download the script to my chromebox. Are there any issues using WIFI. Or should I get an USB Ethernet adapter?

Just connect to Wi-Fi using whatever OS your using to run the script, whether it’s ChromeOS or a Linux distro. Then run the script. Wi-Fi will definitely work on ChromeOS. I’ve never had an issue with Wi-Fi when booting into a recent Linux distro.

Great, then it will be WIFI on CromeOS. I will do a backup of the current firmware via the script to USB flash drive. Since it is only firmware being backed up should a 16GB be sufficient.

Yes, firmware is max 32MB file.