Support in connecting a Usb-C extension dock to my chromebook running Windows

Good afternoon,
I recently received a Usb-C extension dock from anker that i had ordered online. Upon connecting said dock I get no response from any of the usb ports on the dock except for power delivery in for charging the laptop. The device connects via the usb c ports on the laptop and I have already tested the dock with other devices, so im pretty sure it’s an issue with the usb drivers needed when converting the chromebook. I’ve been using Windows on my chromebook for a few months now, so im fairly certain the usb c drivers are installed correctly, as I can connect my phone, console controllers, and a few other devices without issue. Thanks in advance for any help I may receive!

Edit: Forgot to mention that im using a Lillipup chromebook. A lenovo flex 5i.

Edit 2: After looking around the discord I saw that there is a usb4 driver available on the coolstar website. Is there a possibility that the lack of this driver may be causing my issue as I am on Tigerlake?