Sound issue Acer Chromebook C721-48BR(Kasumi)

I recently successfully installed Windows 10 1909 on my Acer Chromebook C721-48BR(Stoney-Ridge). I installed all the drivers. However, I have problems with sound. When playing a video or playing a game, the sound is very distorted. All drivers were downloaded from
I tried disabling some devices in Device Manager. But it didn’t work. What can I do?
I also tried different versions of Windows 1909,21H2,1809
I also tried reinstalling the sound driver and that didn’t work.
The sound works fine on Chrome OS.

Hi NoirTech,

This is just how the audio drivers for Stoney processors are for some if not most devices. It’s an issue that is caused by the driver desyncing due to the CPUs being extremely underpowered.

What boardname is this? In task manager is the cpu speed locked to a specific number, lets say 0.78GHz?

In the task manager, the processor frequency works completely adequately

In that case theres likely nothing you can do. Stoneyridge is - interesting