SOF audio driver license

I’ve hp chromebook 15a-na0500sa
After running Windows on it, it needs SOF audio driver.
I tried to write to coolstar to ask them but without a response, because it shows when paying for SOF Driver that the payment is monthly, which is a strange thing
Can anyone help me please?

the main thing is to make sure you have a Patreon account (emails matches) the same with Licence Manager Portal)

if you need SOF drivers they are $10
if you need TB4 drivers they are $10

you just subscribe to whatever amount charges you $10 or $20
on a good day it syncs within 20 mins – but can take up to a day or two to reflect.
But once your account on Coolstar is reflected with $ amount credit
– you can go back on the Patreon and cancel the membership (so its not reoccurring)

then go back to the License Manager and purchase your SOF license –
generate your unsigned (from the target Chromebook) – as it takes it’s boardname|processor|hd serial and generates a “signed” license file
drop the file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers (or use the GUI to select the signed file) and restart

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Thank you for the full explanation, it was very helpful, I will follow the steps immediately and I think things will be fine