Need more detailed help to returning chromebook to stock state

HP Elite C1030
Currently running Windows11.

When i use MrChromeBox script to return to stock FW i receive the message that WP coulnd’t be enabled and maybe i should flash ChromeOS with removed battery.

Once ChromeOS is restored everything works fine except fingerprint reader - it’s listed as available hardware, but it doesn’t register fingerprints.

Here is a log from chrome://system/#HWID

2024-02-28T13:34:07.199603Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [biod_version.h(14)] vcsid 0.0.1-r3096-e1982d8268
2024-02-28T13:34:07.213479Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] Identified fingerprint board name as ‘bloonchipper’.
2024-02-28T13:34:07.213544Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] Found firmware file ‘/opt/google/biod/fw/bloonchipper_v2.0.4277-9f652bb3-RO_v2.0.23521-642195b-RW.bin’.
2024-02-28T13:34:07.213977Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] FWFile RO Version: ‘bloonchipper_v2.0.4277-9f652bb3’
2024-02-28T13:34:07.213990Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] FWFile RW Version: ‘bloonchipper_v2.0.23521-642195b’
2024-02-28T13:34:07.214003Z ERROR bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] Failed to open fingerprint device, while fetching version.
2024-02-28T13:34:07.214034Z INFO bio_fw_updater[1010:1010]: [] Failed to fetch EC version, aborting.

And more thing, after successfully restoring ChromeOS with or w/o battery - WP in MrChromeBox script is always Green (disabled). I can flash again UEFI FW w/o disconnecting battery.

Need to restore FPR functionality.