Need help booting into linux or find the next step

Hello. I have a lenovo 100e 2nd gen amd laptop, and have followed the guide and steps up to the point where i can see the 2 bootloaders, however after that the guide becomes vague. I chose the first option in the script since i did not want to disassemble my laptop, and have attempted to load into an ubuntu usb drive, no luck.

Please share in further detail what you mean by this. Where in the guide specifically did you stop?
What is the board name of your model?
You can find the board names here: Supported Devices and Platforms | Chrultrabook Docs

hey! i have the TREEYA board and i stopped at the firmware script section. I added the latest ubuntu download to a thumb drive with RUFUS and when i pressed ctrl l and pressed 1, nothing loaded. ive since swapped the OS so that isnt much of An issue

Did you end up running through an RW_Legacy firmware install or a Full UEFI firmware install? It’s generally recommended to install the UEFI firmware, as it gives full compatibility with various distros. If you’re using CTRL + L to boot, it sounds like this may be using RW_Legacy firmware.

By this I was referring to this section of the docs: Types of Firmware | Chrultrabook Docs