MAC Address not persisting

I recently used the script to flash three Acer CX12 Chromeboxes and two Asus CN60 Chromeboxes (the CN60’s are listed on the hardware compatibility list) but the original MAC addresses assigned to the ethernet port are not being written into the new firmware. Instead I am ending up with a0:00:ba:d0:0b:ad on all five devices. The WiFi interface MAC is apparently gettign transferred correctly. I didn’t notice this at first until I started having arp issues and reachability issues to the devices over the network. due to duplicate MACs, Am I missing a step somewhere? From the documentation, this should be a transparent process, as stated:

“As Chromeboxes store their Ethernet MAC address in the RO_VPD (read-only vital product data) region of the stock firmware, the script will extract that region from the stock firmware and inject it into the new firmware ensuring the unique MAC address isn’t lost. It will also persist the VPD region across firmware updates, so this is all transparent to the user.”

I’m currently changing the MAC via software every time the devices are booted, but I’m holding off on flashing any more devices until I figure out a way to preserve the ethernet MAC address.