Keyd script run and no change to keyboard function

I have run the script listed under the FAQ section and there has been no change to how the keyboard works and the only visible effect when it was run was my terminal emulators text changing to a light blue color after it said it was installing Keyd. I was trying to run the script as my keyboard defaulted to the original Chromebook layout making some features of Linux inaccessible
Hp 14a bloolget board
And void Linux for distro

What distro are you using?

Which Chromebook?

The script does not support Void. You’ll have to work out how to enable and start keyd from your init system.

If you want to add Void support to the script, please open a PR.

you can try running it via terminal just to validate that it works as expected, your init system is documented here Services and Daemons - runit - Void Linux Handbook

All you have to do is run sudo keyd to start keyd. You can run that on startup using whatever init system ur using.

I’m having the same issue on Debian 12 with Chrultrabook kernel and board is kindred

Did you run the keyboard script, audio script and then reboot the system? I believe the scripts expect systemd and perhaps not what void is running here.