Issues with booting an OS

Hey All.

I just downloaded mrchromebox’s software on a new jasper chromebook. Was not able to remove WP due to the Jasper models being limited but now that I am able to boot my own OS alongside Chrome OS, I am having some difficulties.

For starters, I am trying to boot an Arc Linux IOS through a flash into the chromebook but it simply gives a multitude of errors. For starters I get the "/syslinux/vmlinuz.B not found " error and then also the “hd0,3 not found” when specifically tryna boot from my flashed usb.

I did some digging online and spent time messing with grub before attempting boot through the USB again but still to no avail, figured I would ask yall how I can actually get to booting arc and using any OS other than chrome on this guy.


What board are you work with?
How to find out: