Installing Rufus for Windows installer onto USB on the Chromebook I will be putting windows on, is this possible?

Am I able to install it onto my Chromebook, put it on the USB, and then put it back into the Chromebook? I am very new to this and just looking for solutions, as I just got a Chromebook and have no desire for the ChromeOS, have only used Windows all my life.

I really would rather be able to do this process on this Chromebook, but, I do have another option of installing it on a MacOS using my fiance’s macbook to be able to put it onto the USB, but he is very weary of downloading anything at all onto his laptop, lol, but I’ll respect it.

And if the first option isn’t possible, give me some feedback on the second installing via MacOS (though I doubt I will be allowed to use his macbook for this). My final option is, are there good USBs with windows 10-11 installed on it with key I can find online for $20 or less, so I can do this eventually?

I wouldn’t mind the Chromebook itself, but I am looking into cybersecurity programs & jobs and I have no doubt if I came in with ChromeOS they would laugh in my face, and I can’t blame them.


No, Rufus is a Windows program. If you plan to make Windows installation media from ChromeOS, use Ventoy Web.

The docs have a great guide on how to do this.

Please also do check if your Chromebook is supported in the first place - Windows 10 or 11 on chromebooks