Install/Update UEFI (Full ROM) Firmware is disable (Latitude 3445 Chromebook)

I can’t install UEFI because the option is disabled

Does this happen to anyone else? my device appears in the list of supported devices

I would like to install Windows but I haven’t been able to continue because it won’t let me install UEFI, please someone help me

Hi, what error message do you get when you select option 2 ?

The firmware Utility Script shows your Device and Platform as unidentifiable/unrecognised.

Try opening a chrome tab/page and in the address bar type
chrome://version - to see what that reports back as a start

Hello, when I select option 1 I get that it is not available, but when I select option 2 it does absolutely nothing, it is waiting for another answer

Regarding the chrome version, this is what threw me

That device (WINTERHOLD) is not on the supported devices chart. What cpu does it have

Ryzen 5 7250c

Your device appears to be a variant of WHITERUN. You should ask MrChromebox if it is possible to add support since WHITERUN is supported.